Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Casting Layla part 2

I havent blogger in a long long time so I'm gonna try and do some major catching up. So here it goes!!

For the body of Layla, i painted in the dark blue stripes just like i did for Lorelei. But once the Silicone had set I then slowly cut out the shapes of the stripes as Laylas body patterns have a much neater look to them. 

I then placed the armature in the mold like i did for Lorelei as well and then filled it with sky blue Silicone i had made up. A day later and we have a finished torso!!

Now that thats out of the way lets move onto the arms. I used the same molds for Lorelei again which helped to save plenty of time. 

Problem though!!! The first cast I did had a tonne of air bubbles in it. No matter!!! I simply recasted the arms using more sky blue Silicone. Unfortunately the stripes on Layla's arms had to go in order for this to happen.

Another day later and this is the result. A few of the stripes remained but most were lost as a result of the recasting. 
 Layla was then assembled together. Like Lorelei she required having the seams between the different casted parts filled in so that the puppet seemed like one single character. 
 For the purposes of rigging Layla, I had to make a small notch for the K&S to sit in to allow her to fit onto a rig. 

 Once all of this was taken care of I just had to paint over the seams with more Silicone and then add accessories such as arm fins. Unfortunately the Silicone around the neck was rather thin and came out rather tacky but will be trimmed away when the head comes to being fitted on.

But here is a finished Layla body ready for the next step... HEAD MAKING!!