Sunday, 4 May 2014

Lets get that Lighthouse finished off!

 Back with more Lighthouse shenanigans!! I found this piece of orange gel which I attached using an old pair of tights to give the inside that bowed in light look. Strange combination of things but it does the trick. 

As it stands it is beginning to look much more like a Lighthouse. I decided to give the rock a quick coat of paint before I then textured it. To do this I simple painted a dark grey layer of paint, waited for it to dry and then gently brushed over it using a piece of paper towel covered in a lighter grey colour. 
In the ned this set piece turned out a lot bigger than I had anticipated... but nether the less, I soldier one with the build!!

All that was really left was to paint it. I gave the Lighthouse a quick coat of cream coloured white to help enhance the old worn out look. I then taped up around where I wanted the white stripes to be. 

The final step was to do a coat of red paint. I waited for this to dry and then carefully removed the tape to reveal the fine stripy pattern. Using some copper paint I just added on some rust like details to both the base and the light piece of the Lighthouse. 
 I also found some fake fish kelp that I stuck down to make it look like the underwater plant life had been growing around it.
Now as I said earlier, the lighthouse turned out a great deal bigger than the original plans I had for it. To give you a rough understanding of how big it turned out, I have placed my Anchor Squid next to it. 

Time to make a lighthouse

 So where to start?... Well while i was searching for materials to utilise for the set piece. I found this coffee filter lying around the stop mo room. It seemed like the best place to start with the build.
 I then set about building the top section of the light piece. A cardboard tube combined with two discs of plywood seem to do the trick. Both were attached using no more nails adhesive which secured the wood in place.
Once that was set I then moved onto the build for the rest of the lighthouse. The plan was to construct a hollow structure that could be moved around the set if need be. I settles on using foam board as its both lightweight and strong.
 I cut out eight pieces that were around 70cm long and 7 cm wide which were then hot glued together. For added security I then used no more nails to help strengthen the structure i had put together.
Once done, I popped the top half of the lighthouse on top and here is the result thus far. 
To help strengthen it further and give it a more rocky/rusty like look to it I mod rocked the entire structure. The lighthouse was gently covered but for the base I used a technique whereby I literally threw together a few scrap pieces of polystyrene to make a random rock shape. This was then smothered in mod rock to create a hollow like shell that would later be painted. 

As it stands so far, it has the shape of a lighthouse but not quite the look just yet. Never fear though as I shall be back very soon with part two on the lighthouse construction.