Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Final After Effects Animation!!

 So I finally managed to complete my After Effects piece and here is the final result all fine and dandy!

Though it is only roughly 15-20 seconds long I am happy with the level of work shown though if I had the time I would've iked to have gone back and re-animated the ending piece.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

So many after effects!!

 I begun by animating a small paper windmill to enchance the look of it being windy. Added a PNG file of the stick and the fan seperately and then animated the position of the windmil spining gradually throughout the sequence.
 Unfotuntely my tutor Graham felt as though this was unnecessary so I have removed it from my final piece. Sad times.
 I started with the basics, keying out the green screen so that I could add all my adorable backgrounds in.
 I then slowly masked out my rigs for the umbrella and the newspaper so that they seemed to blow about by themselves.
 Setting that aside for now I quickly focused on the cloudy background. I took this still image and added a displacement map so that the clouds seemed to move gently across the sky. 

I then set a key frame at the start and finish point of the animation while slightly adjusting the displacement map so now the clouds gently move from left to right.
 I then repeated this process with a stormy backgound, only this time I made adjusted the displacement map much more so the clouds seemed to move and swirl more vilontely.
 Both the sky backgrounds were put together in a seperate composition where I had the lighter one slowly transition into the stormy one to give the look that a storm was brewing.

Before i moved onto added details I chose to add a fence to the foreground with the windmill, as well as a focus blur to give a depth of field. The fence is in focus at the start while the background is blurred. Once the puppet appears on screen the fence becomes blurred and the character comes into focus.

 Now we move onto the wind and rain.
 For the wind I looked at a few tutorials and played about with effects. 
The particular effect i plan to add to my footage began with adding in a fractal noise effect.
 By adjusting the scale width tremendously it made the clouds seem really linear. I then took the contrast up so they stood out as long white streaks of cloud.
 By animating the evolution effect that comes with the fractal noise I was able to make the streaks slowly move across the screen more like wind streaks. To remove the black I simply set the layer to screen mode so only the white showed up.

 Applying a Bezier wrap helped to make the wind streaks seem more wave like rather than moving straight across the screen.

 After that my tutor also suggested adding more of a striking background so I found this silhouette of a hill to help create more of a depth of field. I masked out the sky and blurred the remaining image so that the silhouette seemed more distant.
Time to add some rain. I used the particle effect for this so I would have more control over the rain. I started by applying the ffect and then adjusting the X, Y and Z radius so that the rain seemed more spread out and diverse.

 I then changed the opacity, blurriness and colour so that it would seem more like deep blue, watery rain drops. The speed and direction was tweaked so that the rain would move at an angle with the wind effect.

 The final effect I chose to include was a few strikes of lightning to enhance the stormy look. I had time so why not?
 The final step was to have everything put together in premiere along with sound effects, screams and yells from the character and a title for the brief.

I will return shortly with the fuly fledged video for al to see!