Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mary head Assembly

Onto the final part of Bloody Marys construction. The head. I had already begun work on certain parts of the head such as the face and shape but needed to complete such aspects as the hair, hat and facial details. 

Lets start with her iconic large rimmed hat. I begun with a circular piece of foam which was supported with a similar sized sheet of aluminium for strength. This was then coated in the same Magenta fabric used for her coat.

To make the top of the hat I was a bit puzzled for a moment as I had to figure out how to have the hat be attachable and detachable to access other parts of the head and face. I chose to use sculpy which I sculpted into the crown of the hat. 

I then had this piece baked before painting it with a Magenta acrylic to help it match the rest of the hat. 

I chose to add some details such as a leather stand similar to what hats have normally and I also chose to had a small veil for extra detail.

Now that the hat is sorted lets get back to putting together rest of the head. 

I took the face that i had made earlier in the blog and decided to paint in additional details which included:

Sculpy eyebrows for expression

All these details immediately gave her much more personality and gave her a rather gothic look... which I like!

I mentioned earlier before that her eyes would be cut outs which would be moved about on her eyes, however this meant I needed to be able to access behind the face to do this. 

I added two small magnets to the back half of the head so that the face could pop out but whilst animating it would be securely stuck on. 

Her hair was probably the most complex thing I had tackled in my time at South Wales University as i wanted it to be animatable but also wanted it to actually look like proper hair. 

The technique I applied as inspired by a mixture of techniques used in Henry Selicks Coraline and in Tim Burtons Corpse Bride.
Both used the process of laying the head with real hair which had been streaked with glue and then had  tiny stands of wire (electric wire thin) in order to make certain clumps of hair animatable without ruining the look.

To lock the head in place I added a K&S slot to the head for easy access. This didn't end up working so over all I chose to stick the back of the head to the rest of the head.
So above you can see Marys head assembled with a few sections of hair already glued and wired for animation. In the concept she is depicted with a huge fringe piece similar to Jessica Rabbit where by the hair covers one eye.

The fringe was attached to the base of the hat so that while accessing the face and eyes I could detach the hat and wouldn't have the hair in the way.


Now to finish her head off by adding her eyes and mouths designed and then of course attaching her to her body.

SO here she iss all ready and looking rather... stoned. Well at least she is all together now and ready to go!!

 Well thats almost all puppet work out the way! Just one more thing to talk about and then we can move onto set and props.

See you next time!!!

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