Thursday, 21 May 2015

Gravestone building

 For the Graveyard i decided to make 6 gravestones of varying shapes and designs. These are meant to resemble graves that look as though they have been abandoned for decades. I started by marking out the shapes that i wanted to cut on a piece of bolserwood.
These were then cut out delicately using a hack saw and a stanley knife for precision.

On of the gravestones however was shaped like a cross, which was too thin to be cut out so I used a stick of Bolserwood to create this specific piece. 

Each gravestone was then sanded and smoothed before I used a wood filer to etch in imperfections such as cracks and stoney textures. 
I also etched in a R.I.P onto each Gravestone.

Here are all 6 stones now with extra details and ready for the fun part...PAINTING!

I added 3 coats of grey paint to each one and then went over the imperfections in much darker colours to bring out the cracks and the R.I.P text on each one. 

Each was then given a very fine layer of rock textured spray paint for added look.

Whilst producing this I decided to have a little fun with these props and add the names of various animators on my course as a little cameo.

Below is each grave with the name of its apparent buried follower.

Bethan Davies

James Stafford (Myself)

Laura Jones

Tad Davies

Josh Cranton

Julia Young

So here we are. All together and ready to be planted in the ground. Rather dark and Macabre I know... but thats my style really. Next will we looking at various props and accessories for the graveyard. See you soon!!

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